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Reach an audience of hundreds of thousands of fans of a new kind of cutting-edge crafting and do-it-yourself lifestyle.

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Crafts are getting a hip new makeover and Craftster.org is leading the way! Check out what the media has to say about us!

We offer a few different advertising options. Please read on to see what's right for you.

There are a wide variety of advertising campaigns we can offer you such as:

• Large IAB banner ad units in premium placements.

• Banner ads which are targeted directly to the areas on Craftster that make the most sense for your business.

• Banner ads which are geo-targeted to readers located in regions of your choosing.

• Any number of "out of the box" campaigns! Tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we'll be happy to put together some ideas for you. Examples include: sending samples of your craft products to actual Craftster members; contests with your product as the theme or prize; create your own survey to run on the Craftster website; etc.

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